SmartSkin® is a dynamic facade innovation developed by PHYSEE that combines photovoltaics and sensors with a self-learning building management system.

Transparent windows fitted with sensors and solar cells in the frame generate clean electricity using the power of the sun and measure indoor and outdoor light, weather conditions and air quality. An energy efficiency systeminterprets all data and sends control commands to different SmartSkin® applications in order to improve energy usage. This enables an annual 20% savings on the building’s total energy consumption.

SmartSkin® creates a smart, sustainable and comfortable building without impacting the architectural design.


Photovoltaic cells along the perimeter of the IGU combined with sensors inside the IGU. The IGUs are linked to each other and are also connected to the energy and data network, enabling advanced control of the BMS, sunblinds and lighting (powerline communication over the DC network).




  • Plug & play system
  • Energy savings of up to 20%
  • Enhanced comfort for building occupants
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