Vision Stripe

Vision Stripe  is the right choice for efficient energy-generating glass combined to high glass transparency because the visual performance is excellent. Vision Stripe is four times more efficient than thin-film for the same level of transparency.

A creative use of the cell positioning or application highlights the use of green energy in the building.

Cells can be single or bi-facial. By using bi-facial solar cells, efficient vertical application is possible as solar energy can be harvested from both surfaces.

Vision Stripe modules are custom-made, they can be tailored specifically to each project. In particular, architects appreciate this glass’ large size (2 x 4 m), offering many application options. It can also be assembled in an Insulated Glass Unit to provide the required level of thermal insulation.


Laser-cut PERC mono cells.


facade, roof, canopy, sunshades, louvres, balustrades, carports


  • Highly efficient energy-generating solution
  • Windows keep a high level of transparency – excellent visual performance
  • Tailor-made modules
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