About Us

For over 10 years, AGC’s Active Glass business unit has been developing and continuously improving LED-embedded and photovoltaics-embedded glass solutions in preparation for the facades of tomorrow. Our team of Active Glass experts comprises technicians, engineers, sales personnel and other professionals. They have extensive experience in active glass solutions, with numerous successful projects completed around the world.

AGC Glass Europe is heir to the long tradition of glassmaking in Belgium dating back more than one hundred years to 1914. With a worldwide sales network, AGC Glass Europe has over 100 sites from Spain to Russia and employs 16,500 people in Europe, 54,000 worldwide. Nearly 1 building out of 4 is coated with AGC glass.

50% of the products to be marketed in 10 years do not exist today. This is why 50% of our R&D budget is devoted to sustainable products, solutions and manufacturing with a focus on safety and health, aesthetics and infotainment/communication.

For more information about the overall AGC product range: www.agc-yourglass.com

  • Since 1914
  • Worldwide Network
  • 100 Sites
  • 16,500 employees
  • Sustainable products
  • Focus on safety and health

AGC is devoted to building the cities of tomorrow. The world around us is changing fast: smarter greener cities, advanced connectivity, and new models of mobility. The rise in demand for smart cities and sustainable living is being supported by major advances in technology - and glass plays its part in this.

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Active Glass is part of the AGC Glass Europe building and construction division, shaping the future of glass facades with the latest technologies incorporating solar power (SunEwat) and LED optics (Glassiled).